Hampton Court

  • 35-15 78th Street
  • 35-25 78th Street
  • 35-31 78th Street
  • 35-37 78th Street
  • 35-45 78th Street
  • 35-55 78th Street
  • 35-16 79th Street
  • 35-26 79th Street
  • 35-36 79th Street
  • 35-46 79th Street
  • 35-56 79th Street

  • Type: Garden Apartments (11 buildings)
  • Date: 1919-21*
  • Stories: 5 with basement
  • Architect: George H. Wells
  • Style: Neo-Georgian
  • Developer: Jackson Heights Apt. Corp.
  • Block/lots: 1278/70, 66, 62, 58, 54, 50 and 14, 18, 23, 27, 32


The Hampton Court Apartments, built in 1919-21 and designed by George H. Wells, is one of the early garden apartment projects in Jackson Heights. The complex, which occupies almost the entire block, consists of eleven five-story-and-basement walk-up buildings grouped around a common garden. Originally garden areas also occupied the open ends of the block. Today, the interior garden is accessible through passageways at the end of each blockfront of apartments. While similar, the six structures on 78th Street and the five on 79th Street are not identical. Each of the 78th Street buildings has a six-baywide facade with the four central bays slightly projecting, and an asymmetrically placed entrance. The 79th Street buildings have centrally-placed entrances and flanking, three-sided projecting bays.

Hampton Court, like almost all of Wells’s garden apartment complexes, is neo-Georgian in style. The red brick facades are laid in Flemish bond and have white stone trim. Georgian-inspired elements include continuous stone stringcourses, mod il Honed cornices on 78th Street, and brick parapets with stone openwork panels on 79th Street. The entrances are within arched stone surrounds with flanking metal lamps; on 79th Street, the entrances are set within stone entablatures. The double doors are metal and glass with transoms and brass hardware. The round-headed and tripartite windows are typically neo-Georgian. All of the multi-pane double-hung wood sash, painted white, are original. The stoop railings and balconies on 78th Street appear to be recent additions.


Our Listings at Hampton Court:


35-55 78th Street, 52

35-55 78th Street, #52 Jackson Heights, NY 11372

35-36 79th Street, 3

35-55 78th Street, 1


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